The Ernst Prost Foundation helps people in need through no fault of their own so that they can better master their own destinies. At the same time, it has made its task to allow young people to get an education and training. Alongside help for individuals, Ernst Prost has also expanded the purpose of the foundation to the area of charity. This especially includes

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Ernst Prost Foundation - need has many faces

public healthcare, welfare for the young and the old, parenting, national and vocational training, the welfare system, help for the persecuted, disabled and victims of crime.

Need can affect people of any age and in any situation – from childhood right into retirement age. Need does not discriminate. The rocking horse and rocking chair symbolically stand for this breadth of problems, emergency situations and fates that can befall people in life. The foundation wants to help in just as many ways – quickly and unbureaucratically.


Social and charitable

Unemployment, illness and financial problems are the most common causes that set off a downward spiral that very often robs people of their livelihood and their place in society.

As a charitable foundation it follows only non-profit goals, serves only socially charitable purposes. Unfortunately, in the past foundations have often been associated with money-saving schemes by tax evaders. The Ernst Prost Foundation is distancing itself from that.

Besonderen das öffentliche Gesundheitswesen, Jugend- und Altenhilfe, Erziehung, Volks- und Berufsbildung, das Wohlfahrtswesen, Hilfe für Verfolgte, Behinderte und Opfer von Straftaten.

Not kann Menschen in jedem Alter und in jeder Lage treffen – von Kindesbeinen an bis ins hohe Rentenalter. Not unterscheidet nicht. Schaukelpferd und Schaukelstuhl stehen symbolisch für diese Bandbreite an Problemen, Notsituationen und Schicksalen, die einem im Leben widerfahren können. Genauso vielfältig will die Stiftung helfen – schnell und unbürokratisch.