Tennis icon Tommy Haas (left) and Edwin Weindorfer, tournament director of the Mercedes Cup in Stuttgart, (right) present the donation check for the Ernst Prost Foundation to Peter Baumann.

June 2017 – During the day, points and victories were played for on the Center Court. Often they were hard-fought decisions. During the evening gala of the Mercedes Cup in Stuttgart, the participants offered a no less hard-fought bidding war. This allowed a total of 35,600 euros to be raised for the Ernst Prost Foundation in the charity auction.

The main prize was an exclusive one-week trip to the Maldives, contributed by Stuttgart travel agent Strohbeck. A one-hour flight in a private jet for ten people as well as VIP invitations to the Wimbledon tennis tournament and the ATP Final in London also garnered great interest. And global skiing star Lindsey Vonn as well as tennis ace Roger Federer donated a downhill ski and a tennis racket respectively. Adorned with an autograph, the value of the sports equipment increased many times, which helped increase the donation amount to 35,600 euros.

The proceeds of the auction and a symbolic check was received by LIQUI MOLY Marketing Manager Peter Baumann on behalf of the Ernst Prost Foundation. He was inspired by the generosity of the bidders and donors: "Their involvement is proof of social responsibility in our society and a valuable contribution to the Foundation, which, as a result, is able to help those people who desperately need it."

For foundation founder and LIQUI MOLY boss Ernst Prost the Mercedes Cup is an excellent example of how meaningful economic activity can make sense: "The companies make the sporting event possible with their involvement, which inspires people around the world. These supporters and the athletes, in turn, contribute a great deal towards the fact that a significant amount has been raised at the fundraiser for people who are not fighting for cups, fame and glory on sports fields in front of an audience, but have to fight their way through life on a daily basis."

Ernst Prost Foundation
It was founded at the end of 2010 and, since 2011, has helped people who, through no fault of their own, have found themselves in need, so that they can better master their fate. At the same time, it has made its task to allow young people to get an education and training. Alongside help for individuals, founder Ernst Prost has also expanded the purpose of the foundation to the area of charity. This especially includes public healthcare, welfare for the young and the old, parenting, national and vocational training, the welfare system, help for the persecuted, disabled and victims of crime.