Axel Schulz Botschafter

Axel Schulz, ex professional boxer – ambassador for the Ernst Prost Foundation

The idea for this collaboration was born at this year’s Löwenkinder e.V. summer festival in Frankfurt/Oder. Löwenkinder e. V. runs a competence center for children suffering from very serious and life-shortening illnesses - a project with which both Schulz and the Ernst Prost Foundation are involved. Kerstin Thiele was there to deliver a donation from the foundation. “I thought this was a really great gesture so after we met, I offered to get something going together”, says Axel Schulz. It was a welcome offer. “We didn’t have to spend much time thinking about it,” says Kerstin Thiele. The two quickly agreed that Schulz would act as an ambassador for the Ernst Prost Foundation. “Axel Schulz is a popular celebrity and an absolutely genuine personality – so that makes him the perfect ambassador,” says the foundation manager. “Generating donations is hard work. Axel Schulz’s charisma and fame will be a great help and he will be able to provide welcome support. A former star of the boxing ring, Schulz became established as a leading celebrity athlete in Germany. He hung up his boxing gloves for good a long time ago, but still enjoys a round of golf – to raise money for charity whenever possible, and he helps in other ways, too. “I’ve been very lucky in my life and I’d like others to benefit who are less fortunate than myself, especially children,” says Schulz, who is himself a father of two. He’s more than happy to support both large and small projects. “Every child in need is worth the effort.”

Bruno Gervais Botschafter

#03 Bruno Gervais - ambassador for the Ernst Prost Foundation

A top ice hockey player is involved with the Ernst Prost Foundation for the first time this year. Bruno Gervais, a defender with record-breaking German Ice Hockey League championship winners Eisbären Berlin, is running a campaign called “Bruno hilft” to support both our foundation and the charity Straßenkinder e.V. in Berlin, which is sponsored by us. As Bruno Gervais explains: “I’ve been supporting people who are not as well off as ourselves for some time now, especially children. At my previous clubs we ran campaigns for autistic children or socially underprivileged kids, for example. Back home in Canada (Montreal), I also have a foundation which I run with my friend Maxime Talbot to raise money for various social projects. So when I came over to Berlin, I was keen to carry on with this kind of involvement. Last year we invited children and young people to a match. This year we want to develop a real relationship with the kids, and I’m grateful to the Ernst Prost Foundation for helping me establish a link with Straßenkinder e.V. I think the work being done at the Haus Bolle children’s home in Marzahn is superb, and the support provided by Straßenkinder e.V. in other places is essential to the very survival of these street kids in some cases. In addition to supporting the Ernst Prost Foundation, our campaign also aims to make a small contribution to funding some of the specific work done by Straßenkinder e.V.”.