Ernst Prost was born on 14 February 1957 in Altötting, Ernst Prost Bavaria, his father a bricklayer, his mother a factory worker. Upon leaving school he became an apprentice mechanic. After a "wild phase" he moved to sales and began as a junior salesman at a car care product manufacturer. There he worked himself up to marketing manager and in 1990 switched to LIQUI MOLY as head of sales and marketing manager. The passionate motorcyclist gradually took over the company for motor oils and additives from the founding family Henle. In 1998, he bought the last shares and has been managing partner ever since. Since then the sales curve has risen sharply upwards. LIQUI MOLY is represented in over 90 countries around the world. In 2006, Prost also bought the MÉGUIN mineral oil plant in Saarlouis (Saarland).
In 2018, Ernst Prost sold his company shares to the Würth Group. He remains the CEO of the corporate group of LIQUI MOLY and Meguin.

Ethical values and principles such as diligence, respect, humility, praise and thankfulness are very important to Ernst Prost. He runs his company by them. He considers his employees to be the biggest potential of LIQUI MOLY. He calls them "partners" because everyone is pulling in the same direction and they have made the company what it is today: A premium manufacturer of motor oils, additives and car care products and a permanent fixture in the automotive sector.

An advertisement featuring Ernst Prost, which focuses on these values, attracted a great deal of attention in 2010 well beyond the borders of Germany and generated massive interest in the company due to the social aspect. The response of the viewers was overwhelming: He received praise and encouragement, but also an increasing number of request letters and calls for help. He helps where he can. Ernst Prost researched the organizational structures available that could better channel the aid. The idea of the foundation blossomed and was soon filled with life: "Professionally I have achieved a lot. For some time now I have been feeling an irresistible urge to do something with a purpose. Manufacturing and selling motor oils and additives secures the jobs of my over 800 co-entrepreneurs. That's important, and yet: I would like to literally donate meaning and help where nobody else is helping," Ernst Prost commits.

As the child of a family of refugees Ernst Prost grew up in impoverished circumstances after the Second World War. "I know the taste of need from my own experience."

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