Since the founding of our foundation we have received countless requests for support in the acquisition of handicapped accessible vehicles and unfortunately we cannot meet all of them. After a longer and very intensive cooperation with the "Mobil mit Behinderung e.V." club (handicapped and mobile) we have decided to commit to a permanent cooperation with this club.

This allows us to support affected families that have sought out help from MMB e.V. We have already been able to help many people in this way. MMB e.V. creates a donation account for those affected in order to achieve the acquisition of the handicapped accessible vehicles. We now support this club annually with a larger fixed amount, which they use for those seeking help at their own discretion.

We therefore ask for your understanding that we are unable to positively answer other queries as this would greatly exceed the opportunities at our foundation. Please feel free to contact the "Mobil mit Behinderung e.V" club.