The foundation's starting capitalurkunde

The foundation has a starting capital of EUR 500,000 euros, the majority of which has been donated by the founder Ernst Prost from his own private savings. "I have donated this amount which cannot be touched. The foundation carries out its functions from the revenues from the foundation's assets, from donations and endowment contributions", explains Ernst Prost.

Donations and contributions

Endowment contributions and donations make the foundation even more efficient. Together with the profits from the capital foundation, they provide the resources for all of the foundation's charitable projects. Any type of contribution whether an endowment or donation are tax deductible. The foundation can issue certificates for donations, better known as donation receipts.
Foundation Board

Foundation Board

The Foundation Board members are the founder Ernst Prost, his son Benjamin Orschulik and his partner Kerstin Thiele from Eisenh├╝ttenstadt, Germany.


Former German Federal Minister Annette Schavan has taken over patronage of the Ernst Prost Foundation for people in need launched in February. First contact was made in July 2010. "I hold Prof. Schavan in the highest regard, not just as a minister, but as a person," says Ernst Prost. As the purpose of the foundation also includes the area of education, it is a true blessing to the founder of the foundation that the most important person in the state with regard to this topic is taking on its patronage. For Pro. Annette Schavan, education is not just important because of her ministerial post: "Education has always been one of the core subjects in society and has hugely increased in importance over the past few years as the requirements on the job market, for example, have grown and will continue to do so." That's why she is so excited if she can "hopefully move a big step along the way" with an institution such as the Ernst Prost Foundation and therefore the educational project with her patronage.


"A lot of help at little cost" is one of the foundation's policies. The Foundation Board is a voluntary body. This is explicitly stated in the Articles of Association. Costs and money wasting that swallow the foundation's profits are strictly taboo. The foundation must be operated as lean and efficient as possible. No costs for personnel, rooms and leases are incurred.

Articles of Association

You can download the Articles of Association here (pdf, 2.3 MB - only in German).